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Ultrasonic Fatigue Evaluation System

Ultrasonic Fatigue Testing (UFT) technology, which is a specified method in ASM Vol. 8, using a frequency of 20 kHz to take up the elastic resonant strain gage length at the center defined by the maximum displacement to obtain the maximum stress amplitude.

UFT machine which includes a conventional ultrasonic devices may require the performance of the differentiated high accuracy. Double oscillator (generator) cannot only be initially set when the auto-tuning function of continuous oscillation (phase locked loop), the configuration circuit is required to secure the precision of the test below 0.1 μm displacement control.

A booster and a horn made of titanium (Ti-6AI-4V) alloy is used the for the prevention of transverse waves due to the maximum durability and the inclusions and high accuracy of the displacement to the fine displacement and resonance frequency measurement sensing and monitoring system should be in place.

In addition, a cooling device is built separately to the existing accelerated UFT machine which cycles of 20,000 times in a second. This air cooling is very important because the material having a crystal structure of a low heat transfer coefficient element or tank a pulse function needs to be used.

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