Ultrasonic Fatigue Testing(UFT) machine manufacturing, Sample Design
Fatigue Testing and Assessment Services Specialist
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Delivery and Service Performance
Company Component Photo Performance
Metallic Meterials Research Team
Development of Engine Block Material Evaluation of Reliability of
Automotive Components and Materials
Wire Rod Research Group
Bearing Steel Wire Rods Evaluation of Quality of Bearing
Materials by 6 Sigma
Turbo Machinery Center
Impeller Evaluation of Fatigue Strength of
High-temperature Structural
ILJIN GLOBAL Bearing Quality Standardization of
Bearing Steel
Researcher R&D Team
Engine block, Bed plate Development and Reliability
Assessment of Aluminum for Diesel
Engine Blocks
HYUNDAI SUNGWOO Automotive Lower Arm Development and Quality
Assessment of Mg Alloy
HYUNDAI MOBIS Engineering Plastic Preliminary Evaluation of
Composite Materials
DONGYANG PISTON Piston Evaluation of Piston Durability
HALLA Climate Control Corp. Light-weight Metal Evaluation of Light Alloy Development
RIST Steel Materials Ultrasonic Fatigue Assessment Standardization
포항공대 철강대학원 Bearing Steels Evaluation of Structure Control of Bearing Steel
MRI Development of Alloys Evaluation of Light-weight Alloys
Department of Mechanical Engineering, Ajou University Automotive Welding Steels Special Tests of High Strength Steels
Nuclear Materials Research Center
Development of Boiler Evaluation of Fatigue Life of
Materials for Boiler
KITECH Materials of Automotive Components Machine Materials,
CAE Analysis of Components
KRRI Railroad Components and Materials Evaluation of Fatigue Life of
Axle and Wheel

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