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Introduction to Mbrosia Co., Ltd.

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Mbrosia.co,ltd durability evaluation test equipment production, sales and material property evaluation services company.

Current through the first time in Korea developed ultrasonic fatigue testing machine materials that require long-period reliability test, and provides the service life and durability assessment of engineering components, KOREA HYUNDAI MOTOR, POSCO, SAMSUNG, providing the delivery and assessment services to leading companies such as Iljin Global.

In addition, we are expanding the European EXOVA, AC2T such as Plant, Tribology material property evaluation experts and customer service as a technology partner.

Mbrosia.co,ltd oriented the company's Chief Technology Solution Service is a reliable standard test evaluation.

Mbrosia is a professional company of the EBH group, in charge of ultrasonic fatigue test assessments . Based on the state of mind of Equilibrim, Balance and Harmony, in the field of material, life extension of the component and durability evaluation, Mbrosia leads the accelerated ultrasonic fatigue assessment tool, combined with the best technology of material, machine and electronics with the mission of the Supreme, Sincere and Sure.

Marketing technology services.

Activation of component industry which requires a long period reliability test

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