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Introduction to Tribology
What does "Tribology" mean?
  • Tribology came from the Greek word, “tribos”, meaning “rubbing or “to rub”
  • And from the suffix, “-ology” means “the study of”
  • Hence, “Tribology” is the study of rubbing, or… “the study of surfaces that rub together.

Tribology is defined as the science and engineering of surface phenomena such as friction, wear and lubrication etc.

Tribological design and materials selection play vital roles in the performance, operation and durability of all mechanical machines. Even our body faces tribological issues and problems especially in joints.

Introduction to Tribology

The Basics of Tribology

Tribology is also in Virtually every Area of Engineering and Industry
Aerospace Fabric / Clothing
Agricultural Flooring
Automotive Food processing
-Engine: Piston ring/cylinder,bearings,valve,
-Tooling/Machining/Sheet metal forming
Highway / Transportation Depts.
Lubricant Manufactures
Medical Diagnostics
Medical Implants
Coatings Providers Military
-Low friction
-High wear resistance
-High hardness
Shoe manufacturers
Sport Equipment Companies
Cosmetics / Personal Cares Universities/Educators
Dental Impants -Mechanical Engineering
-Materials Science, Physics & Chemistry
Types of Tribological Tests

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